RUK-A-TUK-INC. is a Barbadian owned company, incorporated on February 02, 1998. The company is located at #1 Massiah Gardens, Lower Carter’s Gap, Enterprise, Christ Church, and engages primarily in the provision of cultural and indigenous entertainment services for the local, regional and international market.

Its service portfolio also includes the following:

  • Tutoring persons, home and abroad in the playing of conga drums and the Tuk Band which is our cultural music form.
  • Its regional and international student diversity ranges from, for example, Radio City Music Hall to Manchester, England to St Moritz, Switzerland.
  • Training doctoral students in the area of ethnomusicology.
  • Translation of documents from Spanish/French to English and vice versa.
  • Financial management planning, particularly for start-up businesses.

Local activities

The Company thrives on being a major exponent of indigenous Tuk-Band music, participating in all the major festivals and interfacing with thousands of visitors to the island. These activities include : 

  • Hotel performances and private functions.
  • Special events like weddings, opening ceremonies and Cruise Ship packages while docked
  • Birthdays, funerals and cultural presentations.
  • Interfacing with event planning agencies to provide entertainment as requested.

Regional and International activities

The Company has been involved in functioning as ambassadors over the years at several festivals and National Duty Events:

  • 1979  Carifesta in Cuba
  • 1980  The twinning ceremony in Hackney England.
  • 1986  Vancouver Expo 86.
  • 1990  Commonwealth Institute in London, England.
  • 1990’s South Carolina, New Orleans, Miami, New York( Radio City), Venezuela,
  • Trinidad, Canada
  • 2000  Expo in Germany
  • 2009  Tortola & St. Thomas
  • 2015  Mexico
  • 2018  Switzerland

Other Activities

  • Drumming Festival in Venezuela and Martinique.
  • Carifesta in Trinidad.
  • St. Thomas Festivals
  • Festivals in Trinidad and French Guyana.

We have also

  • Developed stickers as well as brochures on the History of Tuk.
  • Developed CD’s of Indigenous Tuk music and Christmas Tuk music.
  • Developed a tutorial DVD on “How to play Tuk Band Music” of Barbados.

Strategic Development

  • The expansion of the organization to include Performing Bands and other entertainment entities like Steel Pan Players and Jazz groups.
  • The further education of the young people of Barbados in areas which relate to our Bajan Cultural Heritage and the remnants of our African culture. This has been partially realized through a workshop in Limbo Dancing, Fire-eating and Penny Whistle funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development.
  • Greater exchange and interaction with other Caribbean entertainment organizations.
  • Training in Rhythm Structures of the Caribbean for Young Persons  such as Cadance, Shango and Guaguanco.

Statement of Contribution

This company is not only of significant socio-economic benefit to Barbados due to its foreign exchange earning capacity, but can effectively serve as a conduit through which many young people can hone and develop their cultural skills, thereby increasing their entrepreneurial capacity and by extension become foreign exchange earners themselves.

Additionally, its contribution towards the cultural and musical landscape of Barbados cannot be underscored. With the advent of globalization and trade liberalization, there will be a turning to such niche markets as pursued by RUK-A-TUK INC. if small island developing states like ours are to fully capitalize on the technology and the talents of up and coming artistes and entrepreneurs.


  • 2011 SBA Sectoral Group Award for Cultural Industries
  • 2015 SBA Sectoral Group Award for Cultural Industries
  • 2018 Performers were treated to a 20th Anniversary Ceremony where they were awarded for years of service.